iCON SX-4A active studio monitor speakers (ζεύγος)

-10%iCON SX-4A active studio monitor speakers (ζεύγος)
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● Compact but powerful with very precise sound reproduction
● Active two-way monitor system with active cross over design
● Extended bass reflex type
● 4.5” NRSC paper cone and CU-cap on pole piece
● 1” silk dome tweeter with neodymium magnet, plus heat sink and
ferrofluid cooling provide smooth and sweet high frequency response.
● Bi-amped: 25W (LF), 15W(HF) for individual monitor
● Unbalanced RCA input connector
● “Bass Boost” switch equipped
● MDF cabinet with extended bass reflex port design, ideal for recording and
multi-media applications.

System Two-way active nearfield monitor
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 65 Hz - 21 kHz
Bass Principle Bass reflex
Tuning Frequency 70 Hz
Tweeter 1" wide dispersion silk dome
Woofer 4.5" NRSC paper cone
Magnetically shielded/compensated Shielded and Compensated
Cross over frequency 4.0 kHz
Cross over slope 12 dB/oct (LP and HP)
Input level for 86dB SPL @ 500-2000 Hz avg @ 1 m -17 dBu RMS @ 0 dB level setting
Input connectors Balanced 6.35mm TRS connectors
Input connectors Unbalanced RCA connectors
Power consumption Idle: 10W / Max: 40W (per unit)
Amplifier power Tweeter: 15W / Woofer: 25W
Internal cabinet volume 4.0 liters
Weight Main Cabinet:5.6 kg (12.3lbs)
Weight Sub-Cabinet:3.8 kg (8.4lbs)
Dimensions 147 x 251 x 260 mm
Dimensions 5.8“ x 9.8”x 10.3”

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